La Riserva Naturale di Castelvecchio

Rovine CastelvecchioLa riserva naturale di Castelvecchio è situata a pochi chilometri dal centro di San Gimignano. Essa comprende al suo interno parte del Poggio del Comune e si allunga fino alle rovine di Castelvecchio da cui prende anche il nome. Continue reading

The recipe for Pici

pici-toscaniCooking is one of the highlights of our land. One favorite dish of Tuscany are Pici, a format of homemade pasta that suits many condiments in the kitchen. Let’s see how they prepare and some tasty recipes to complete a first course using this type of pasta. Continue reading

The Roman Villa of San Gimignano

Unfortunately not everyone knows that San Gimignano includes among its wonders, even an ancient Roman villa. It is an old building dating back to between the fourth and sixth century AD for many years in a state of complete abandonment. Now, fortunately, the bureaucracy seems to have come to an end and the municipality of San Gimignano has finally acquired the ownership of the site

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