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San Gimignano Lumiere


Lumière  San Gimignano
3 e 4 dicembre 2016
dalle 18 alle 23
video mapping, giochi di luce, performance live, laser show
dj set nel  centro di san gimignano


Theatre of Silence and the talent of Andrea Bocelli

Teatro del SilenzioThe talent of one of the greatest representatives of Italy in the world could not find more breathtaking spot: the voice of Andrea Bocelli has chosen, in fact the “Theatre of Silence” for an event which has become, over the years, an appointment known throughout the world.

Wanted from the Tuscan tenor and opened in 2006, the Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico is an amphitheater built in perfect harmony with the hills of Pisa. The circular stage is designed, by the will of Andrea Bocelli, to host one show a year.
When the theater is not active, the audience is dismantled and the stage is transformed into a small artificial lake, which gives the name to this place of Tuscan culture.Continue Reading

Cooking Class: the new frontier of tourism

cooking class san gimignanoThe  tourism world has always been in constant evolution. Especially in the last years (also because of the success of world of cooking on TV) travelers have shown great attention to gourmet food and wine. Precisely for this reason it is growing more and more the success of and offers to attend a cooking class Continue Reading

Calici di stelle in San Gimignano

calici di stelle a san gimignano