The legend of Gallo Nero

Chianti Classico Wine Sign Tuscany 300x265 The legend of Gallo NeroChianti  is one of the most drank and appreciated wine all over the world. In its various denominations is produced throughout the central area of Tuscany. Its composition varies according to the specific discipline, but must always contain a minimum of 70% Sangiovese grapes, the true native grape of Chianti which has built its history of excellence. Among the various production areas, one in particular stands out for its charm and importance: the actual geographical area of Chianti, where they produce the Chianti Classico , also called  “Gallo Nero” for the animal that dominates the center of the emblem. Continue reading

San Gimignano is increasingly greener

logo biodistretto San Gimignano is increasingly greener Expression of a territory that keeps great tradition and a passion for enogastronomy with typical and genuine, in a concentration of quality that shines for numerous awards DOP – such like Vernaccia, Saffron,  Marzolino cheese.
The municipality of San Gimignano is increasingly greener and winking towards the environment and the organic, already among the core components of its great tourist appeal that make it a favorite destination for  holidays in nature and food & wine vacations in Tuscany
With the new year, the territory of the town of Siena – already UNESCO World Heritage Site for its ancient medieval village – adds an additional “quality certification” to their typical implicitly conferred by the new constitution of Biodistretto San Gimignano. Continue reading

Tuscany and San Gimignano, land of wildboars

The passion for the game in its various meanings , from the more purely hobby related to hunting to the most tasty side that led to the palate  products and typical dishes of the local gastronomy, has always found in the Tuscan an ideal area in which express themselves. In addition to the custodian of a rich historical – cultural world famous for landscapes and architectural excellence unsurpassed as the cities of Florence , Siena and San Gimignano , Tuscany is in fact known as “the land of wild boars Continue reading