Horse riding holidays in Tuscany

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 bridleways in Tuscany and Siena
equestrian tourism in Tuscany

Which scenario would be the best of the areas crossed by the ancient Via Francigena, dotted with medieval villages still intact as San Gimignano to enjoy an exciting horse-riding vacation in Tuscany?

San Gimignano and the rolling hills of the Elsa Valley that surround it in a landscape of rare beauty are really the ideal place to relax and regain possession of real contact with the environment and nature,  allowing himself a few days of trekking on horseback in the province of Siena

Away from the noise of urban centers, totally surrounded by nature and  beautiful landscape of the Tuscan hills, everyone can experience the charm of being knights, freeing the fantasy of reliving feelings of other times riding “mighty steeds.”  Choosing a romantic hotel stay in San Gimignano will  then complete the picture of a holiday in a magical atmosphere.

horse-riding holidays in Tuscany
bridleways in Tuscany and Siena

For horse lovers and  nature holidays in Tuscany, the Val d’Elsa offers interesting itineraries to discover on horseback, among Bridleways in Sienna that run on the route of the Via Francigena.  Practicing equestrian tourism in the surroundings of San Gimignano, offers a great chance for a full immersion experience in its true essence, abandoning himself to the rhythms of a priceless  fellow adventure   as the horse.

equestrian tourism in Tuscany
horse-riding holidays in San Gimignano

Accompanied with friends or even by yourself, thanks to the  several trekking offers for individuals or small groups,you will experience moments of deep emotion discovering the best views in the province of Siena by outstanding trekking routes on horseback ,  such as “In the shadow of the towers” along 38 miles between Abbadia Island and Castelvecchio di San Gimignano.

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