Rocca of Montestaffoli and San Gimignano events 2015

Rocca San Gimignano The Rocca di Montestaffoli stands on the hill that carries the same name and was very important in the centuries of the Middle Ages when it was owned by the Bishop of Volterra, who ruled the surrounding lands. Near the fortress it was then created that market which made the area’s economy grow exponentially. Continue reading

Tuscan street food: 7 specialties not to miss

More than renowned restaurants what really become fashionable in recent years is the street food! Some people have made street food a real culture and Tuscany is one of the first positions of this special ranking.

But what are the best dishes of the street food in Tuscany? Let’s do a quick recap that will make your mouth watering! Continue reading

San Gimignano, the origin of its name

San GemignanoWith today’s article we try to answer one of the most popular questions about the history of San Gimignano: where it comes from the name of this city? Who was the saint who has given it the name with which everyone knows it? Continue reading