The “Palio di Siena” on August 16

Palio di Siena 300x200 The Palio di Siena on August 16The Palio di Siena is probably the most famous event of the whole area around San Gimignano and certainly known all over the world. This particular race is held twice a year: July 2, in honor of the Madonna of Provenzano and August 16 for the Lady of the Assumption. In a few days, then, the Piazza del Campo will fill to attend one of the most anticipated events of the month. Continue reading

Acquacotta: a traditional tuscan recipe


Tuscan recipes :  acquacottaacquacotta 300x210 Acquacotta: a traditional tuscan recipe

Like all Italian regional recipes, even the acquacotta has experienced numerous variants over time. What we are proposing today is one of the many recipes for the acquacotta that have been handed down from the oldest generations of these areas. This dish was usually eaten by shepherds and those who took care of the cattle in the countryside: it was a simple dish and served as a main dish. Continue reading

Churches in San Gimignano

mura storiche san gimignano 300x180 Churches in San Gimignano

San Gimignano is a town rich in art and culture. Much of its beauty is contained in the churches that the city offers. Here’s an overview of what you’ll have the chance to admire during your visit to San Gimignano.
San Gimignano - the churches


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