Cooking Class: the new frontier of tourism

cooking class san gimignanoThe  tourism world has always been in constant evolution. Especially in the last years (also because of the success of world of cooking on TV) travelers have shown great attention to gourmet food and wine. Precisely for this reason it is growing more and more the success of and offers to attend a cooking class Continue Reading

The recipe for Pici

pici-toscaniCooking is one of the highlights of our land. One favorite dish of Tuscany are Pici, a format of homemade pasta that suits many condiments in the kitchen. Let’s see how they prepare and some tasty recipes to complete a first course using this type of pasta.Continue Reading

The typical Tuscan sweets

Tuscany is not only a land full of history and beautiful landscapes. It is famous for its excellent cuisine which is characterized by the production of sweets in these areas too. The bakery is an ancient art but some recipes also be easily replicated in your kitchen.Continue Reading