Acquacotta: a traditional tuscan recipe


Tuscan recipes :  acquacottaricetta acquacotta

Like all Italian regional recipes, even the acquacotta has experienced numerous variants over time. What we are proposing today is one of the many recipes for the acquacotta that have been handed down from the oldest generations of these areas. This dish was usually eaten by shepherds and those who took care of the cattle in the countryside: it was a simple dish and served as a main dish. Continue reading

Art, olive oil and Vernaccia exhibition in San Gimignano

mi garba l'olio novo

To appreciate original artwork and  typical food of Tuscany region such as extra virgin olive oil and wines of San Gimignano, both result of the season of harvest and pressing, what better context than an ” authentic  art” exhibition? Continue reading

Equomondo, a whole weekend of colors and flavors dedicated to the fair trade market

Equomondo a San Gimignano

A weekend of autumn to devote to a romantic stay in a charming hotel in San Gimignano, bewitched by the charm of its medieval village and literally ” kidnapped ” by the enchanting Glance of colors of the hills and  vineyards which have become famous in the world for the Vernaccia , it can also be an opportunity to experience a fun and unusual weekend dedicated to the fair trade market . Continue reading