The Natural Reserve of Castelvecchio

Rovine CastelvecchioThe nature reserve of Castelvecchio is located a few kilometers from the center of San Gimignano. It includes within the Poggio del Comune and extends up
to the ruins of Castelvecchio from which it takes its name. Continue reading

Medieval cuisine , ancient basis of current typical Tuscan recipes

cucina medievale Many recipes that we enjoy today as an expression of the best Tuscan cuisine are often dating back to old times and the medieval kitchen.

Pleasantly involved in the recent event ” Middle Ages in the fortress” that within the walls of the fortress of Montestaffoli, proposed to tourists and visitors spaces dedicated to typical local products, the village of San Gimignano is the ideal setting to taste the main Tuscan dishes, that were strengthened during the ancient times when the territory of the Tuscan villages lived heyday. Continue reading

San Gimignano, the city with two Patron Saint

On 4 August 2013, the tribute of the city to Santa Fina

Santa FinaFor those who likes to recall evocations of the past, through events of historical representations or diving directly into the “rituality” of certain events that renewing while maintaining almost unchanged the magical atmosphere of the past, the cultural heritage of medieval Tuscany offers many events not to miss in San Gimignano!

This town, authentic architectural jewel set on the magnificent hills overlooking the Val d’Elsa, presents a calendar of events particularly wide and varied able to capture the interest of every visitor, with events ranging from music to theater, street arts, food and wine and historical re-enactments, and with many events that still bind to double strand the “city of a hundred spiers” to the extraordinary medieval essence. Continue reading