San Gimignano 2.0: The new App for Android and Apple


Would you like always have available the most useful information about San Gimignano right from your smartphone? Now, with the new App San Gimignano you will be satisfied!appapple

The application is available free both for Android OS that Apple downloadable a few minutes. Let’s see in details what are the main features of this tool Continue reading

San Gimignano is increasingly greener

biodistretto san gimignano Expression of a territory that keeps great tradition and a passion for enogastronomy with typical and genuine, in a concentration of quality that shines for numerous awards DOP – such like Vernaccia, Saffron,  Marzolino cheese.
The municipality of San Gimignano is increasingly greener and winking towards the environment and the organic, already among the core components of its great tourist appeal that make it a favorite destination for  holidays in nature and food & wine vacations in Tuscany
With the new year, the territory of the town of Siena – already UNESCO World Heritage Site for its ancient medieval village – adds an additional “quality certification” to their typical implicitly conferred by the new constitution of Biodistretto San Gimignano. Continue reading

San Gimignano and the Via Francigena

The famous Via Francigena, that crosses many historical towns in Tuscany, is an ancient historical pilgrimage route leading from Canterbury in the United Kingdom to the eternal city of Rome, the capital of Christianity.

Starting from the 11th century thousands and thousands of faithful pilgrims travelled in groups along the route, mostly on foot, on their way to Rome. All along this incredible itinerary, raised many trading activities like hostels, osterias, and refreshment stations, where the tired pilgrims could eat and regain their strengths before continuing their trip. Continue reading