The 3 museums not to miss in San Gimignano!

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Le vecchie fonti a san gimignano
Le vecchie fonti a san gimignano

Who is going to organize and spend a holiday in Tuscany among its most beautiful medieval villages, will be spoiled for choice in deciding what to visit in San Gimignano, whose splendid original urban core still intact, including the World Heritage sites protected by UNESCO, offers to every tourist many interesting ideas to appreciate history, art, culture, crafts and food..

 Among the things to do in San Gimignano, the visitor has at its disposal a large     choice of museums which  can satisfy the desire to understand and investigate various aspects of the artistic heritage, history and culture both locally and nationally.

By choosing as a basis for the stay a comfortable and elegant 3-star hotel in the province of Siena, you can also book excursions and guided tours around the city, such as the special itineraries in San Gimignano dedicated to sacred art , medieval archeology and painting.


Pinacoteca Comunale
Pinacoteca Comunale di San Gimignano

As in any city of art worthy of respect, there is always a huge collection of paintings by local artists as well as some works of the famous Tuscan painter Pinturicchio, available in the Pinacoteca of San Gimignano,located inside the local Town Hall.

Those who love the medieval atmosphere and charm which is steeped in every corner and ancient alleys of the old town, certainly can not neglecting to visit two museums not to be missed in San Gimignano, whose exposures carry the visitor several centuries back in time.


San Gimignano 1300
San Gimignano 1300

Visiting “San Gimignano 1300” will make you feel like step back in times, walking through the ancient streets thanks to the faithful reproduction in miniature of the entire medieval city center, neither more nor less than the old village existing at the beginning of the fourteenth century with towers, streets, squares, buildings and workshops.

 At the same time, is also the very interesting “Spezieria of Santa Fina” ,

spezieria di S.Fina
spezieria di S.Fina

located inside the Archaeological Museum of San Gimignano, which proposes a real journey through the magic of the natural remedies and the ancient medicinals,  always available  in an  ancient apothecary’s shop,  such as “Mandragora
officinarum”  or a mixture of powdered cicadas and oil of scorpions … an experience to live in a holiday in San Gimignano!

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