Easy Card San Gimignano: vantaggi e sconti per chi sceglie il borgo toscano

Una interessante iniziativa per chi decide di trascorrere le proprie vacanze a San Gimignano.  Prenotando il proprio soggiorno tramite il pratico servizio di booking online sul sito della ProLoco del Comune sarà a disposizione per tutti la Easy Card San Gimignano.easycard-sangimignano

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Vittorio Brumotti biking in San Gimignano

Vittorio Brumotti a L’Antico Pozzo in occasione delle prossime giornate FAI di primavera!

Vittorio Brumotti a san Gimignano


Tourism and Web reputation: San Gimignano to third place


Nowadays,  internet and tourism is a combination difficult to separate. The relevance and the opinion expressed by travelers on the main sites are, therefore, an element of important reflection  for professionals and enthusiasts.

In recent days the website Trivago has published the Top 10 of the most popular destinations by travelers, namely those which have received the best feedback and whose reputation has proved to be very positive among the readers who choose Trivago as a reference point for their travels. In the list, we find many Italian locations and in third place, stands out the presence of San Gimignano with a rating of 85.98 out of 100.
The small tuscan medieval village,  wins therefore  the bronze medal behind the Turkish town of Göreme and Matera, European Capital of Culture in 2019.

This means that the city has been able to adapt to the times by focusing heavily on its virtual visibility worldwide. “We are very proud,” he admitted the mayor of the city that has mentioned the attention to the enhancement policies pursued in recent years by the administration.  Another source of pride is the quality of the tourist accomodation  that, according to the web rankings, have the best reputation in the world..

Here is the complete ranking of the top ten positions, which sees a large Italian presence along with some foreign place as the Brazilian Gramado, the Vietnamese Hanoi and Siem Reap, a very popular destination in Cambodia. The ranking is enriched by some european presence as Killarney (Ireland) and Funchal (Portugal).

  1. Göreme, Turchia 88,03

  2. Matera, Italia 87,48

  3. San Gimignano, Italia 85,98

  4. Gramado, Brasile 85,57

  5. Hanoi, Vietnam 85,50

  6. Lecce, Italia 85,35

  7. Siem Reap, Cambogia 85,35

  8. Killarney, Irlanda 85,17

  9. Sorrento, Italia 85,14

  10. Funchal, Portogallo 84,93

10 things to know about San Gimignano

Taddeo_di_bartolo_san_gimignano San Gimignano is an ancient village and charming. For this reason, over the centuries, its history has been enhanced beyond measure. So we wanted to bring back in a list of ten points, some news that perhaps not everyone knows about the medieval town of San Gimignano. Continue reading

Bewertungen Hotel L’Antico Pozzo San Gimignano


Rocca of Montestaffoli and San Gimignano events 2015

Rocca San Gimignano The Rocca di Montestaffoli stands on the hill that carries the same name and was very important in the centuries of the Middle Ages when it was owned by the Bishop of Volterra, who ruled the surrounding lands. Near the fortress it was then created that market which made the area’s economy grow exponentially. Continue reading