Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2016

Visite gratuite a San Gimignano Ponte dell’Immacolata

San Gimignano: 3 visite guidate per il ponte dell’Immacolata!
Ponte Immacolata San Gimignano
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San Gimignano movies: 6 films set in San Gimignano

FilmThe fascination exercised by the the architecture and urbanism of San Gimignano could not remain indifferent to the filmmakers. They were many, in fact, who found the small Tuscan village as the perfect setting for their films. Here is a short list of six major films fimed in San Gimignano

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Tuscan street food: 7 specialties not to miss

More than renowned restaurants what really become fashionable in recent years is the street food! Some people have made street food a real culture and Tuscany is one of the first positions of this special ranking.

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San Gimignano, the origin of its name

San GemignanoWith today’s article we try to answer one of the most popular questions about the history of San Gimignano: where it comes from the name of this city? Who was the saint who has given it the name with which everyone knows it? Continue reading

Museums in Siena

Duomo di SienaNot far from San Gimignano is located the beautiful city of Siena, perfect destination for a day out. The city offers a number of attractions really interesting. Today, in particular, we want to suggest the major museums of the city Continue reading