The surroundings of San Gimignano: daily trips

If you have planned a vacation for a few days in San Gimignano will be good to have some ideas also on nearby towns in order to arrange some excursions outside the historic center.
The city’s location is definitely strategic and around San Gimignano you will enjoy very beautiful landscapes and locations.

certaldo alto 300x199 The surroundings of San Gimignano: daily trips
The land of Boccaccio: Certaldo
Although it is within the province of Florence, the town of Certaldo is located less than ten miles from San Gimignano. The town is most famous for being the birthplace of one of the greatest tuscan poets, Giovanni Boccaccio. The village is divided into two parts: the historic  top  part is accessed via a funicular which covers 55 vertical meters from the modern square downtown. A  must see in Certaldo is the house of Boccaccio  containing  a library that is a reknown  point of reference for historical  researchers Continue reading

Le contrade del Palio di Siena


Si è appena concluso il Palio dell’Assunta del 16 agosto 2014 con la vittoria della contrada della Civetta. Vediamo di conoscere più a fondo questa e le altre contrade che ogni anno si contendono il famosissimo Palio toscano. Continue reading

The “Palio di Siena” on August 16

Palio di Siena 300x200 The Palio di Siena on August 16The Palio di Siena is probably the most famous event of the whole area around San Gimignano and certainly known all over the world. This particular race is held twice a year: July 2, in honor of the Madonna of Provenzano and August 16 for the Lady of the Assumption. In a few days, then, the Piazza del Campo will fill to attend one of the most anticipated events of the month. Continue reading