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Are laundry or laundromat available in San Gimignano?

The laundry service is available during your stay by following options:
A) managed by the hotel
B) managed by yourself

A) The hotel laundry service allows you to leave at the reception or in your room, a special laundry bag with your clothes which will be sent within 8.30pm to a professional laundry out of town. Your clothes will then be brought back to your room after 24 hours perfectly ironed. Prices for each different piece are shown in the information brochure in your rooom.

B) You can walk to the laundry located in the historic center, about 600 meters from the hotel, and leave the laundry bag. It is possible for you to choose how your clothes to be washed: ironed or dried only( in this case the rate is calculated by weight)
There are also 2 self-service laundromats open 24/24 by the historic center

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