Tuscany cooking class

Food and wine in San Gimignano, typical flavors of Tuscany

Toscana cooking class

Tuscan cuisine is among the most renowned around the world: wine, oil, bread are among the most popular products. San Gimignano counts some of the best specialties of Tuscan and Italian cuisine in general.

The fertile fields in the surroundings of this small village give life to the prestigious Vernaccia, one of the most prized and appreciated Italian white wines throughout the world. Golden-yellow in colour, dry flavor with a bitter aftertaste, Vernaccia was the first to obtain the Controlled Designation of Origin (D.O.C.), acquiring the Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin (D.O.C.G.) in 1993.

This delicious white wine goes very well with fish dishes and white meat main courses and is served at 11-12 degrees. The vine was introduced to San Gimignano in the 1200s by Vieri dè Bardi, and cultivation became increasingly consistent until exports began at the end of the century.

Also linked to the development of this wine are documents that speak of the introduction of a tax of 'three cents' for every amount of Vernaccia sold outside the municipality of San Gimignano, the birth of Provveditori and Pesatori di Vernaccia, ancestors of our modern sommeliers.

Even Dante in the Purgatory Canto tells of a glutton punished for 'abusing' Vernaccia.

The lands of San Gimignano offer the palate a delicious saffron, called crocus sativus in antiquity and the protagonist of many typical Tuscan dishes. Together with Vernaccia, it was the product that brought wealth to the city and it is said that many of the medieval towers were built thanks to the sale of this refined spice. Today, saffron from San Gimignano is used for risotto and some tasty sauces, but in the past it enriched many meat dishes and soups.

Cooking school and courses

Typical cuisine of San Gimignano and Tuscany

School and cookery course in San Gimignano for all our guests! Approaching and learning about cooking and the preparation of typical dishes with interest is certainly the best way to immerse oneself in Tuscan culture and tradition.

A tradition that has its roots in the daily life of many years ago, when virtue was made of necessity, inventing poor dishes that over the centuries have reached our days, handing down their ingenious and intact authenticity: a few simple natural ingredients that create many tasty and delicious dishes.

There are many thematic courses available throughout the year in the countryside or in the historical centre of San Gimignano.

An unforgettable experience where you will learn how to prepare delicious traditional Tuscan dishes, easy to remake at home, with valuable tips on the right products to buy.

The cooking school normally starts in the morning and you will learn how to prepare an appetizer, first course, main course, side dish, dessert, according to typical Tuscan cuisine.

At the end of the course, lunch will be served with freshly cooked dishes. We remain available for more information and course prices.



Choosing to stay in San Gimignano means plunging into a timeless atmosphere, among cobbled streets, beautiful medieval buildings and breathtaking views of the Tuscan countryside. Our staff is at your disposal to make your stay unique and tailor-made for you. We will take care of every detail: from booking the room best suited to your needs, to organizing tours and excursions to discover the wonders of Tuscany.

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