Hotel L’Antico Pozzo San Gimignano Historical Residence
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Holidays in San Gimignano … a journey into the heart of Tuscany

Ancient history and many attractions to discover in San Gimignano

Hotel L’Antico Pozzo, the style hotel in San Gimignano, is not only a fine period residence but also a place where the stories, legends and magic of San Gimignano come alive.

This medieval town is unanimously acknowledged among Italy’s most fascinating, and you can discover the secrets held within the walls of this ancient palace and experience the beauty of our land here in the heart of Tuscany.

Before being transformed into an elegant hotel, in the 17th Century the L’Antico Pozzo, or “The Ancient Well” was a convent. According to legend, the namesake well which still exists, was used to hang young virgin women in punishment for opposing the “Droit de Seigneur” law of medieval times.

This “Law of Feudal Lords” gave the nobleman complete physical rights over the young women living on the noble estate. Those virgins whom refused to submit to the lord were  left for few days over the well.

In the eighteenth century, the Sala Rosa, or “Pink Room” of the Hotel L’Antico Pozzo was a dance hall that housed the lavish celebrations of the local aristocracy.

The building has maintained every possible element of its past splendor and is especially appealing to art lovers and those looking for refined elegance.

Choose our hotel in San Gimignano for a mystical, historical and relaxing experience, and as a perfect base to explore our unique city.

Hotel L’Antico Pozzo, for lovers of art…

We look forward to hosting you!



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