hotel san gimignano

San Gimignano events

‘900. UNA DONAZIONEDal 24/01/2015 al 30/08/2015Mostra di artisti del Novecento come: Adami, Campigli, Carrà, Casorati, De Chirico, De Pisis, Guttuso, Mafai, Morlotti,Pirandello,Sironi, Soffici. SPEZIERIA E ORTO DI SANTA FINADal 07/05/2015 al 31/10/2015“Spezieria e Orto di Santa Fina” Data: 9 maggio – 31 ottobre 2015 7 maggio ore 11 (Sala Fieschi) Conferenza stampa della “Spezieria eOrtoContinue Reading

Reviews Hotel L’Antico Pozzo San Gimignano

[widgetkit id="4"] .moonsc-section-header#moonsc-section-header-10 .separator{margin-top:20px;}Say about us.. Karen Brown's World of Travel Without a doubt, San Gimignano is one of the most picturesque places in Tuscany: a postcard-perfect hilltop village punctuated by 14 tall towers. During the day, the town bustles with activity, but after the busloads of tourists depart, the romantic ambiance of yesteryear fillsContinue Reading

Hotel L’Antico Pozzo history

Thanks to a renovation, the Hotel L'Antico Pozzo has retained much of the original environment. The rooms are a fusion of simplicity and elegance of the ancient medieval building of the houses of nobility, among the eighteenth-century-inspired decor and the traditional Tuscan style, never give up the comforts of a contemporary hotel. In the eighteenthContinue Reading

San Gimignano history and origins

San Gimignano history ... From the Etruscans, to the Romans, to Medieval splendor The history of San Gimignano has distant roots that reach back to the ancient Romans. In 63 BC, two young Roman patrician brothers; Muzio and Silvio, fled to the "Valdelsa," valley of the Elsa River, after their involvement in the conspiracy againstContinue Reading

San Gimignano surroindings

Itineraries in the San Gimignano environs Large stretches of countryside and rolling hills await those choose to holiday in San Gimignano. For those interested in ancient agricultural traditions, loves walking and are looking to discover the enchanting medieval villages and forests in heart of Tuscany, you're in the right place. From San Gimignano walking pathsContinue Reading
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