Hotel L’Antico Pozzo history

The History of our Hotel

Thanks to a renovation, the Hotel L’Antico Pozzo has retained much of the original environment.
The rooms are a fusion of simplicity and elegance of the ancient medieval building of the houses of nobility, among the eighteenth-century-inspired decor and the traditional Tuscan style, never give up the comforts of a contemporary hotel.

In the eighteenth century, the Sala Rosa of the Hotel L’Antico Pozzo was a dance hall that housed the lavish celebrations of the local mundane.

Among those old stone walls now have been set up the bar and dining room, which, during the summer, moving in the picturesque courtyard where you can enjoy the exclusive atmosphere of this book hotels in Tuscany.

The palace belongs to our family  thanks to our grandparents   Dante and Amelia who loved “Palazzo Bongi”, the last residence of two sisters from the Bongi family moved permanently to Florence.

In San Gimignano, Dante and Amelia ran a restaurant well known since 1929, renowned mainly for traditional specialties, particularly the tripe alla fiorentina.

The restoration began under the supervision dellel Fine Arts Palace being notified for the valuable frescoes and decorations in it as well as for the historic building itself. Hotel was then opened in September 1990 and represented an immediate change of style and a gust of novelty in the offer accommodation in San Gimignano

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