Hotel Rooms San Gimignano ... sweet dreams in a historical residence.

For both lovers of history and culture, and fans of intrigue and elegance, our rooms offer you the utmost comfort in a truly magical and evocative atmosphere. Discreet elegance, typical of the ancient medieval noble palaces joins the eighteenth century-inspired decor and traditional Tuscan style, while maintaining all the conveniences of a contemporary hotel.

From the nightfall until breakfast, you will relive history in our old building. Drift off to sleep in the evening when the towns historical center is finally free of it's many daily visitors, and awake in the morning to enjoy a full buffet breakfast based on local Tuscan in an atmosphere of past centuries in the Sala Rosa.

In keeping with the Tuscan poetic tradition, we have chosen to classify our rooms in honor of the greatest poets of our land: Dante Alighieri, Petrarca and Boccaccio. The rooms offer a perfect and unique combination of elegance, comfort and culture.

For your next holiday in Tuscany discover our charming rooms dedicated to Dante and Petrarca and be embraced by the timeless artistic atmosphere that our hotel in San Gimignano offers you.


E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle (Dante – Inferno XXXIV, 139)



[…] e del mio vaneggiar vergogna è ’l frutto, e ’l pentersi, e ’l conoscer chiaramente che quanto piace al mondo è breve sogno. (Petrarca – Canzoniere 1, vv. 12-14)



Amor può molto più che né voi né io possiamo (Boccaccio – Decameron, IV giornata)