San Gimignano bike tours

Cycling across the scenic Tuscan countryside with an expert English speaking certified biking guide is a great way to experience the beauty of this landscape in a trip into history, culture, scents of Nature and great food and wine.
During your stay in San Gimignano you can choose any of the following bike tours, which follow circular loop itineraries all starting and ending at this hotel and customized according to your requests:


Riding along the scenic ridge of the hills around San Gimignano we’ll follow the famous wine road of
the Vernaccia di San Gimignano, cycling across an endless sea of vineyards. During the ride, if you
wish, we may stop in a winery for an interesting guided visit of its cellars with wine tasting.

THE ANCIENT VIA FRANCIGENA – (mountain bike tour)

Following the footsteps of the ancient pilgrims who were walking along this route since the High
Middle Ages we’ll be mountain biking stretches of the original trail towards Rome which was first
officially described by the the Archbishop Sigerico on his way back to Canterbury in
990. During the ride we will be passing evocative medieval villages and Romanesque parish


THE VOLTERRA LOOP – (road bike tour)

Scenic road bike ride across the hills to the Etruscan origin town of Volterra, perched on a picturesque hill and secret lair of the Volturi in the famous Twilight Saga.

THE MEDIEVAL LOOP – (road bike tour)

Road biking the hills of Chianti we’ll be riding through evocative and very well preserved Medieval hilltop villages and castles, possibly stopping in a winery for a guided visit of its cellars and wine tasting.

The price for each bike tour is 200 euros per party (for groups up to 7 people), while the price for a
possible bicycle rent is 20 euros per person (for a front suspended 27 speed mountain bike) or 30
euros per person for a road bike.