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San Matteo,main street of San Gimignano Tuscany San Gimignano romantic hotel's lobby
Dante e Amelia , since 1910 in San Gimignano
The building,now completely restored,preserves the original style of the 15th century, although the earliest part dates back to the middle ages and the founding of the town itself: traces remain of the well and the area around it. It was donated to a religious order who inahabited it until the end of the 17th century. It acquired international renown as a "salon"for the high society of the late 18th century. Festive gatherings and parties were held in the ballroom which is now the present "Pink Room" It is also said that girls who refused to submit to the "Droit de seigneur" were suspended in the well. Everything has been preserved or reproduced faithfully in order to maintain the charm of this superb town house intact.
San Gimignano  as it was last century
Via San Matteo 87 , 53037 San Gimignano Italy [ phone] +39 0577 942014 [ fax] +39 0577 942117

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